Dream No Small Dreams:

Student Support

Because a diverse student population enhances the education of all, we will continue our commitment to seek out and support undergraduates across socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds so that each individual can find an opportunity to make their mark on the world.

Competition for the best and brightest students is more intense now than ever before. Private support will give Albion the ability to recruit top scholars and help ensure deserving students have access to an Albion education.

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Briton Scholarship

In the 2018-19 school year, the Briton Scholarship helped 99% of Albion students. We believe that if students have the intelligence, the character, and the drive, then their financial circumstance should not be a barrier to attending the school of their choice. We are fully committed to making Albion accessible to the most audacious students, regardless of their financial backgrounds or circumstances. This isn’t just a core value of our mission statement—it secures one of the College’s greatest assets.
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Chicago Transformation Scholarship

Believing in the potential power of the Albion College/Chicago connection, this scholarship was established to level the playing field, and provide more opportunity for Chicago students to attend Albion, thrive at Albion, and graduate from Albion. Its founding donor hopes and anticipates that many graduates will return to their communities and use their liberal arts problem-solving skills in a positive way to transform Chicago.
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Endowed Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships are fundamental; they provide a steady, predictable source of income that allows Albion College to recruit the best and the brightest. 97.5% of Albion’s 365 active endowed scholarships were established by alumni or faculty who wanted to make the Albion experience possible for future generations of Britons. When students enroll at Albion, they join a network of support – financial, emotional, and spiritual – that has been well-established for over 180 years.

Build Albion Fellows

The Build Albion Fellows program is intended to strengthen the bonds between the College and its host community, up to 10 students each year from the Greater Albion area receive four years of tuition, housing and meals from the College in exchange for working in and serving the local community.
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Our Stories

Knowing She Can Always Come Home

Born and raised in Albion, Barbara Weiskittel’s love of community remains strong and, as a 2019 Commencement speaker, the 1983 alumna imparted that message to graduates.

Game, Set, Match

Cheering the Britons on to victory comes naturally for Keith Roberts, ’81. His new avenue for Albion support—a $1.5 million matching gift to create endowed scholarships—is a clear winning strategy.

Setting the Stage

A $1-million scholarship gift from Don and Angela Scott Sheets, ’82 ’82, creates an opportunity to “share our Albion with others.”

Our Community

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Time marches on. And what you plan to do in the future, sometimes you need to do now. Because there’s no need to wait any longer.

Jim ‘Quince,’ ’75 & Patsy Donahey

Albion set me up to have a lot of wonderful opportunities. A liberal arts education gives you exposure and we need to see the value in it

Ralph Costanzo, ’84

The generous financial aid package I received made it possible to get a great education and make life-long memories and friendships through participation in varsity sports.

Cathy Bachinski, ’84