Unite and Ignite:

Forging Strong Community Connections*

From the very beginning, Albion College has been a vital part of our namesake city, just as it has been a vital part of our story. Our students, taking cues from their peers as well as their neighbors, learn the value of service, respect, and friendship.

Today, the City of Albion is undergoing an amazing post-industrial revitalization. Understanding that our futures are forever intertwined, Albion College is eager to continue to play a crucial role in this rebirth. Your support will help us keep alight a new era of progress and shared success.

*Support for Unite and Ignite is counted outside of Albion College’s Purple & Bold campaign.

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Build Albion Fund

Supporting and investing in our community through the Build Albion Fund will create new opportunities for cooperative outreach and enrichment, and will help strengthen the ties between Albion College and Albion, Michigan.

Albion Reinvestment Corporation

Albion Reinvestment Corporation (ARC), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, promotes growth in the downtown Albion business district in cooperation with the City of Albion, Albion Economic Development Corporation, Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, Albion Community Foundation and community groups.
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Superior For Business

Opportunities abound for new and growing businesses, from the heart of downtown Superior Street to sites across our city. The College can introduce and connect existing or aspiring business owners to the Albion community by providing information and facilitating conversations.
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It’s clear that today there’s a sense of connection—and a desire for connection and continued connection—between the town and the College.

Barbara Weiskittel, ’83
New Jersey

I think there’s a compelling need to continue to bring the College and community together to advance the interests of both the College and the city. We’ve started to do it in the last couple of years. I think it’s a powerful idea. It says that Albion is America—it resonates.

Michael Harrington, ’85


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