Campaign Priorities

Dream No Small Dreams:

Student Support

Competition for the best and brightest students is more intense now than ever before. Private support will give Albion the ability to recruit top scholars and help ensure deserving students have access to an Albion education.
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Find Your Fire:

Faculty Excellence and Engaged Learning

An Albion education goes far beyond what happens in the classroom. We believe experiential learning and campus-wide opportunities ensure success as a student and beyond.
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Build With Purpose:

Improvement Through Capital Projects

The educational spaces and places both on our campus and in our community—from buildings on the Quad to area parks and trails—serve many purposes.
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Rise to the Moment:

The Albion College Fund

Albion College students and graduates set themselves apart by their willingness to go above and beyond. By championing critical thinking, we’re able to instill the conviction that no challenge is too big to overcome.
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Unite and Ignite:

Forging Strong Community Connections

From the very beginning, Albion College has been a vital part of our namesake city, just as it has been a vital part of our story. Our students, taking cues from their peers as well as their neighbors, learn the value of service, respect, and friendship.
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Purple & Bold

Life’s greatest achievements are born of its greatest challenges. Those times that call us to unite and work toward needed solutions.

At Albion College, our strength lies in our tireless passion to do just that. Making connections that make an impact. Connections between driven students and devoted educators. Between a visionary small school and a welcoming small town. And between bold dreams and the will to shape a better future.

Yes, we believe colleges have an obligation to pursue a higher purpose. To serve the community and the world. And because the spread of knowledge benefits us all, this is a campus committed to embracing diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Not to emphasize differences, but to prosper from important perspectives – perspectives that can overcome uncertainty, and indifference, and the impossible.

By connecting open minds and tenacious spirits from all walks of life, ours is a culture that believes that no challenge is too great to conquer.