Margaret Meyer Sindt, ’73, and Conrad Sindt, ’69*

Not only do you learn in the classroom – you learn by experience. That is the purpose of the Conrad J. and Margaret Meyer Sindt Experiential Learning Endowment, established through a planned gift.

For Conrad Sindt, experiential learning while at Albion set him on his career path. “I really did not know what I wanted to do with my college career or my career at all. Something was missing and I knew it. So I became involved in the community. That wouldn’t have happened, I’m confident, without the whole experience I had, not only at Albion College, but the experience of learning in the community.” Conrad went on to study law and eventually served as Calhoun County Prosecutor. He was later a judge for the Calhoun County 37th Circuit Court until his retirement.

For Margaret “Peggy” Sindt, experiential learning leads to a fuller life,” and if you start learning about how to do it early, it becomes more of a habit and it’s something that enriches your community, too.” Peggy advanced the City of Albion by serving as President and CEO of the Albion Economic Development Corporation.

The Sindts feel it is important that students have door-opening opportunities to experience learning outside of the classroom, and their legacy at Albion College will secure that.

“We thought if there was a way that we could do that, help those young people reach their dreams, we’d like to do that. In many ways it’s an act of gratitude.”

*In February 2020, we celebrated the remarkable life of Judge Conrad Sindt, ’69.