Laying the Foundation

A gift from William Bremer, ’63, in support of Albion student research, scholarship and creative activity offers additional incentive for fellow Britons to include the College in their estate planning.

“The education I got at Albion and the friends I made enabled me to do what I do now," Bremer says, "and this is one way I can give back.”

April 8, 2020 | By Chuck Carlson

Dr. William Bremer, ’63, has always stood willing and eager to help out the college that has meant so much to him.

“Probably my days at Albion were the most enjoyable and pleasant time in my life,” he says. “I made a lot of good friends. I had heard about Albion from my cousin (Lynn Hulbert, ’61). I remember her parents were going to visit her and they asked me if I wanted to visit, and I said sure. And I really liked it. I thought this is a place I could feel comfortable and fit in.”

And he did. Though he admits it wasn’t always easy.

A native of Hammond, Ind., Bremer knew early on that he wanted to go into medicine.

“Initially I wanted to be a chemical engineer,” he says. “But after taking a few advanced math classes in high school, I decided that maybe this wasn’t the right field for me.” Upon learning of Albion’s well regarded and successful premed program, and with a strong recommendation from his high school chemistry teacher, Bremer felt Albion would be the right choice for him.

He earned his degree in biology, and then his medical degree at Indiana University. After a stint in the Navy he settled in San Francisco, where he would work as a private-practice pediatrician for decades in the Mission District until his retirement.

But Albion College was never far from his thoughts. Indeed, through the years, Dr. Bremer always felt helping Albion was something he could, and should, do.

“The education I received was of a high quality and I never had any regrets about the decision,” he explains. “Since my graduation and great experience at Albion, I have always wanted to help the College any way I could.”

His latest gift, though, may have the biggest and most far-reaching impact of all.

Recently, Bremer pledged a $50,000 gift to support Albion College student research in hopes of encouraging alumni to join the Stockwell Society, which honors alumni, friends and staff who have included a gift to the College as part of their estate plan.

And for every new member who joins the Stockwell Society, Bremer will give an immediate gift of $1,000 (up to $50,000) to support Albion’s Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (FURSCA).

There’s also more to the gift. For those who may not be interested in joining the Stockwell Society but want to help support FURSCA, a $1,000 gift will also be matched by Dr. Bremer.

“The education I received at Albion and the friends I made enabled me to do what I have done, and this is one way I can give back,” he says. “I’ve always supported small liberal arts schools. It’s the personal touch; it’s getting to know faculty that was a big benefit for me.”

And it will be a benefit for Albion College as well.

“Dr. Bremer’s generous gift allows Albion alumni of all ages to make a commitment to the College’s future while realizing immediate support for our students today,” says Steve Oursler, director of the Stockwell Society.

Bremer is also pleased that his gift will help sustain and advance FURSCA.

“I think people who go through this program will have a big advantage as they go on to grad school,” Bremer says. “It will give them a head start. It’s definitely a good thing and should be supported.”